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Pedro Alberto (aka DJ Sabroso) is a Dance Teacher, Professor de Capoeira, Sambista, Musician, Performer, Choreographer, DJ and Artist. He is the creator of the Afro Latin Dance Project and the @Salsa Bay Dance School in Galway, Ireland. Pedro Alberto has worked on promoting Afro-Latin Dance, Music and Culture in Ireland since 2007. Pedro was teaching in Portugal for over 12 years before he moved to Ireland.


He studied Social Communications and taught dance classes including Capoeira and other forms of Afro Latin Dances to children and adults in Schools, Universities, Clubs, Gym’s and Governmental Social Projects. As a musician and dancer, he has travelled the world performing and teaching in places such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Macau (China), Brazil, and several countries in Africa.


His Samba Group “Canto da Amazonia” won second place in the National Portuguese TV programme ‘‘Kings of National Music’’ (Reis da Musica Nacional). His love for Afro-Latin music, Cuban and World, started at an early stage, growing up in an environment where music and dance were always present. He is interested in, and has studied, all salsa styles, and he is particularly inspired by his mentors Eddie Torres & Alberto Valdes and recently has taken part in the World Mastery program with Fernando Sosa (Tropical Gem). His first opportunity at DJing came in Portugal back in the 90s when he was still at school.


Already then he used to invest most of his income in buying music. He loved selecting and playing tunes for his family, friends and fellow musician mates, who would always ask him for his playlists (recorded on tape back in the years!), the “Mussa selections”. From then on things snowballed. During his 15+ years of career as a DJ he has played in multiple locations, gigs and festivals, varying from some of the best Afro-Latin clubs in Portugal to events in Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland and of course, Ireland (such as Havana Cultura Festival, Irish Salsa Congress, Salsa Bonanza Festival, Bomba Latina Warsaw, Festival do Andanças, etc.) Pedro´s passion and emotions for music are evident and contagious, making you dance your night away wherever you are. “Dance your way, and let the soul move your body” Deejay Sabroso.

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