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Erica Spirito - Internationally renowned professional dancer.

He began at an early age to study ballet, jazz and modern dance, obtaining academic

exams with some of the greatest exponents of the dance world such as: Steve La

Chance, Renato Greco (Greek Theater of Rome), Tiziana Carano (Greek Theater of

Rome), George Iancu (Teatro La Scala in Milan), Floriana Centanni (Teatro San

Carlo in Naples). She participates and wins first place in various national events

including San Remo and Roma in Danza, as a soloist and in a group.

In 2008 she graduated in classical and modern dance at the Arabesque Academy.

At the age of 18, she moves to Rome and approaches the Caribbean genre and, in

particular, Cuban salsa. She begins studying rumba and folklore with some of the best

Cuban masters and dancers including Wilmer Navarro and Maria Carmen Moreno.

Later she becomes part of the “Azucar Negra” company of maestro Lazaro Martin


In 2011 she takes part as a dancer in the filming of the film "Street dance 2 3D".

Later she also specialized in the Los Angeles Style salsa genre and in 2013 she

started dancing with Ramon Morales, one of the pioneers and popularizers of the Los

Angeles style.

In 2018 she moved to Milan to become the dance-partner of the Salsa Prince Johnny

Vazquez, with whom she danced for 4 years. Together with his brothers Francisco

Vazquez and Luis Vazquez, Johnny Vazquez is known for inventing and bringing the

Los Angeles Style around the world.

To date she is a female referent in the world of salsa, of the Los Angeles style, to

which she adds her particular contribution with the fusion of various styles.

She has traveled all over the world and participated in the best national and

international Salsa events in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

She has now embarked on his solo career to bring his skill and elegance everywhere.


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