Johnny Vazquez The Prince of Salsa Multiple World Salsa Champion, World Pioneer and co founder of Los Angles style. Dancer , choreographer, Singer.

EL Principe De La Salsa (The Prince of Salsa) Johnny is considered the greatest L.A. style dancer today, winning first place at many national and international competitions

Responsible for the creation of the fast and spectacular Los Angeles Style salsa - AKA Cross body Style, For Johnny Vazquez salsa is more than a hobby. It’s a way of life. Johnny was born on January 27th in 1979 in Guadelajara Mexico. Johnny was mostly interested in soccer. It wasn’t until he arrived in Los Angeles, at the age of 14, that he started salsa dancing. He was determined to learn how to dance salsa after he was left behind on the dance floor in L.A. by some girl who was not impressed by his dancing skills.

Johnny Vazquez has won 3 consecutive World Salsa Champion Titles, and won the famous LOS ANGELES Salsa Congress competiton in 1999 which gained him sponsorship by BARCARDI, who toured him in over 20 countries debuting LOS ANGELS STYLE SALSA. Due to his huge talent for the stage Johnny was crowned THE PRINCE OF SALSA, by the creator of Salsa, Mr Eddie torres THE SING OF MAMBO, at the first internatinal salsa congress in the world, the Puerto Rican Salsa Congress.
In 2006, Johnny invited Liliana Vazquez former director of Australias Largest Latin Dance Company, to become the executive director of his company. This dynamic partnership, has resulted in the creation of Salsas most, successful and influential dance company in the world today.Johnnys classes have set records with over 1500 people attedning his workshop, at the sydney salsa congress 2008, as well as the companies 2007- 2008 tour which has had them booked out 48 weeks of the year performing and teaching at world class events and congresses

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