Irati Eslava comes all the way from Spain. She is a Bachata and Salsa dancer, choreographer and performer as well as the founder of Latin Fitness in Bristol. She has been on the dance scene for more than 16 years now, and has extended experience dancing different styles, as well as performing with Salsa and Bachata.

Her professional career started at the age of 17 when she taught "Multi-Rhythms" in Spain (a variety of different styles: Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue etc.) which she would keep teaching in Bristol later on. She always wanted to encourage people and give them the opportunity to explore themselves in all these powerful and lovely dance styles. A year after she gained her degree in Psychology, she moved to England looking for new and exciting opportunities. She has been attending numerous dance festivals and congresses in the UK, learning and becoming inspired by the very best performers and dancers in Europe. She continues performing with Bachata, Salsa and Latin Fitness, as well as teaching both regular group and private classes like the Ladies Styling workshop she is running for us this time!! Join her her and get infected by her pasiĆ³n Latina!

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