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DJ Denis Santana is fast becoming one of the most sought after Latin DJ's in Europe and beyond. He has already headlined major congresses in Spain, France, Hungary, Belgium, Ireland, U.K. and most recently he returned to his native Brazil to  huge acclaim, sharing top billing with many world famous Stars.

 Due to his background and vast experience as a dance teacher and performer, as well as a mainstream D.J., he has a huge understanding of music and musicality and knows how to lead the crowd through tempo and variety. He has also mastered the art of flowing from one song to the next seamlessly and very importantly, while staying in key, so that dancers are effortlessly moved from one dance to the next. His enthusiasm behind the desk and comfortableness on the microphone in either Spanish, English or Portuguese, allow him to set the perfect ambiance for most any event. Not afraid to include modern music or older classics, he is always open to trying different styles, to help ensure that everybody in the audience is satisfied.

  Denis is constantly developing his music skill set and knowledge also and is working hard to maintain the high level of professionalism that keeps You at the top. Definitely, a huge addition to any Festival, his music is sure to be making people dance, for many Years to come!

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