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Edwin Rodriguez was born in Mexico City and he is an exceptional dancer in so many disciplines. Edwin helped found Latin Brothers UK and is a very humble professional dancer, who specialises in Latin Rhythms. Combining this with his contemporary style, Edwin composes unique performances which leave his audience captivated. His other main passion is choreography and teaching people of all abilities and ages to dance. He has studied with the great International Salsa Teachers, with Ballet Masters and body movement coaches, honing his skills, expanding his abilities and understanding more every day the intricacies of this varied and powerful dance. He has been performing nationally and internationally over the last 6 years and rightly so having won various competitions along the way in Mexico. Edwin moved to the UK in 2016 and he is currently performing and teaching at Salsa Socials and Congresses across the UK. His goal is to expand Salsa throughout the UK bringing that unique touch of Mexican flavour.

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