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Sergio is from Zaragoza, Spain.

He has been dancing many different Latin dances for over 14 years. He started teaching Bachata in Oxford over seven years ago and create a new Bachata Community in Oxford. He is actually one of the teachers of Oxford University Salsa Society (OUSS) and offers regular Bachata and Salsa classes all over the country. His classes focus on the social dancing aspects of leading and following. Fascinated by the magic of non-scripted dances, he presents un-choreographed demonstrations that orientate on the origins of lead-based dances, but wouldn´t be the same without a follower. He is a regular guest teacher in many events around the UK including Bachata Spice London and LTP Party, as well as festivals such as Bachakiz in Notthingham, and many others! Sergio is also Latin Social Dance Dj and he have regular nights in Oxford and Dj in many parties around UK such as Bachata Spice London or LTP Party and Bachakiz in Notthingham, Late&Latin in Bristol, Red Dot in Milton Keynes, Salsa del Sol in Cheltenham and many others.

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