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tellan started dancing Salsa in 2001 and Bachata 2004 and then started teaching in 2006. Stellan has trained with the best teachers in the U.K. and around the world attending national and international Salsa & Latin dance congresses.

Stellan teaches across the country and has taught for the most respected Salsa and Latin dance schools in the U.K. including Mambo City, London, Sexy & Sensual Latin Festival & Latin Motion, Birmingham and regularly teaches at national congresses.
Stellan has performed as part of The Alchemy Performance Team nationally over a few years.
The reputation Stellan has for being a high level quality teacher has come from people seeing how great his students are on the dance floor and then telling others about it! Stellan has the combined skills of being a great dancer as well as being able to teach sound technique within fun moves to any level of student.

Stellan founded Salsa Souls dance school in 2007 and it is regarded as the best Salsa, Bachata & Latin Dance school in Bristol with students becoming great dancers in no time!

“In our Salsa & Bachata classes we aim to teach them in a fun and enthusiastic way concentrating on the basics/fundamentals of the dance. We want to show people how easy Salsa & Bachata can be to learn and how much smoother they can be led and followed. Also most importantly, how much fun you can have!"

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These are the workshops I can offer,

Salsa on1 - Imp/Int/Adv
Bachata - imp/Int/Adv
Cha Cha - Intro to cha cha/Beg/Imp
Salsa on2 - Intro to on2/Beg
Musicality - all
Leading/Following techniques - all
Spins techniques - Imp and above

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