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Peynao: Dance educator and performer, has been dancing Bachata, Salsa and Latin rhythms since 2004. Peynao learned Bachata and Salsa with some of the top teachers and performers in Spain. His biggest early influences were Korke & Judith for Bachata and Rodrigo Torres & Carolina González for Salsa. He also travelled the country and internationally to gain experience and inspiration in International Congresses.  
Peynao pioneered Bachata Sensual in the UK. He is a well-respected instructor, both nationally and internationally. He was the first one representing the UK in BachataStars Europe Finals 2011 where he got to the 4th position with his then dance partner. He also won the Latin Dance Video competition for the Premiere of Street Dance 3D and. Peynao currently teaches Bachata in fusion or separated in styles like Sensual, Modern, Traditional, Bachatango, etc.
He also has performed, taught and DJ in many national and international events and famous Latin dance clubs like Pasión, Bachata Spice, El Grande, Bar Salsa, Motion City Festival, Sexy Latin Festival, BachataStars Europe Finals in London, Clave Latina Festival, Mambocity Congress, UKDC, and cities like Edinburgh, Nottingham, Oxford, Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Guildford, Peterborough, Birmingham, Leicester, Cambridge..., Bachata Spice International and has been one of the very first UK based Bachata artists traveling abroad: Dominican Republic (Bachata Paradise), Madrid Bachatea Festival in Spain, Huelva Kizombachata Festival also in Spain, Ballagan Festival in Israel, Italy, All Stars Festival in Hungary, Ireland.   He also has shared stage with singers as Ephrem J and Dani J and has proudly judged at Greece’s Qualifying of heat of Euroson Latino World Latin Championship.   Peynao founded and co-organised BachataStars UK, organiser of BachataStars Europe Finals 2013 and co-directing the very famous bi-monthly party “Bachata Spice” and Bachata Spice UK Amateur, UK Open and International Championships, well-known to everyone in the Latin scene. Peynao has been promoting and organising events in his own right and in partnership for many major events around the country and runs different media channels like Bachata Spice or The
Latin Passion.

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